Composer: Juan A. Pérez

Instrumentation: Concert Band

Level: D

Duration: 7:56

Pandora is a work for concert band inspired by the legend of Pandora’s Box. The work is divided into three movements:

1. A Beautiful Evil: where as the legend tells, Pandora’s beauty was unique, but it brought a beautiful evil.
2. The Box: All evils come out of the box and pollute the world with all its ills.
3. A Hope: Hope, which is what was left in the box and was what the world needed.


Pandora es una obra para banda inspirada en la leyenda de la caja de Pandora. La obra se divide en tres movimientos:

1. A Beautiful Evil: donde, como dice la leyenda, la belleza de Pandora era única, pero poseía un hermoso mal.
2. The Box: todos los males escapan de la caja y contaminan el mundo.
3. A Hope: esperanza, que era lo que quedaba en la caja y lo que el mundo necesitaba.


Full Score – Flute 1 – Flute 2 – Oboe – Bassoon – Clarinet in Eb – Clarinet 1 – Clarinet 2 – Clarinet 3 – Bass Clarinet – Alto Saxophone 1 – Alto Saxophone 2 – Tenor Saxophone – Baritone Saxophone – Trumpet 1 – Trumpet 2 – Trumpet 3 – Horn 1 F – Horn 2 F – Horn 3 F – Trombone 1 – Trombone 2 – Trombone 3 – Euphonium C – Bass C – Percussion 1 – Percussion 2 – Mallet Percussion– Timpani


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